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Hollywood Advice

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Hollywood, the capital of the entertainment industry, is a land of opportunities and a wonderful place.  Many beginning actors come to Hollywood with headshots in hand seeking a talent agent and casting calls, pursuing their dream of an acting career.  So many of them aren't prepared and try to find their own way following bad advice.  There are numerous people in Hollywood just waiting for these new actors to arrive so they can take advantage of them financially and otherwise.



The entertainment business, and Hollywood especially, is VERY brutal.  Our advice is that unless you are 200 percent certain you want a to get into acting, you should pursue another career.  The odds of making a living as an actor are 10,000 to 1.  



American Casting Company launched Hollywood Advice to help those men, women and children that are 200 percent certain they want an acting career in the entertainment business.  Our goal is to offer sound advice to those looking to move to Los Angeles and break into the acting business.  



Be prepared!  Before you lose your heart and soul, and a good chunk of your money, prepare yourself for your journey into the entertainment industry.  The competition in Hollywood is very stiff.  There are many scams that can cost you a fortune and precious time.  Hollywood Advice offers clear, easy to understand advice that will prepare you for your adventure into your new acting career.



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Hollywood Advice


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